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Installation Setup

Identify Protocol

First of all try to find your device in the list of supported devices. Note that sometimes it does not work (usually for low cost devices) because different manufacturers re-use same popular name (e.g. TK103) for their own devices.

If given port does not work for your device or you cannot find your device in the list of supported devices contact with our team.
click here to get directly on contact us

Instruction For Adding A New Devices.

  • if you are new user then first register yourself by clicking on register button.
  • After registration you will get a username/password . login to the site www.track.truelocation.in with the username password you have registered.After login u will get a Tracking Window.
  • To add a new device Click On The icon placed on the top left corner.After clicking on it you will get a form . After filling Name and Identifier(Identifier Is a IEMI Number of your Device) in the form click on icon your device will add automatically.